Hi, For the first time ever! 

I so so wanted to do this, talk to a forum, let my opinions be known and also listen to what others have to say. This blog is solely for entertainment purposes only.


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Left Behind 💔

Hi everyone, gulliena here. You wouldn’t believe if I said that I just got the time to open wordpress and talk to you guys and catch up! 

Yes, so back to what I told you that my life has changed or what basically has changed my life so much from the way it was. That Life Changing Experience that we were talking about from my perspective is that I have become a Mommy to a little boy ! (25.2.2017) It is so wonderful to have one little baby in your arms and know that it came out of you and is a part of you and no matter how the world sees you or misunderstands you or hurts you, you know that now you’re not alone, there is someone who would stand for you and there is this undying hope. Mostly it is that I feel that that kind of thing is no more of importance, I feel mature, stable and good in my own skin wherever and however I am and feel that I dont care about the world and its stupidity anymore. 

More than that, I’ve never been this proud of myself until when I delivered my baby naturally. That feeling of being capable and being able to accomplish something so huge. It just erased all my doubts about me not being able to do what better things others could and that some how I stopped feeling that I’ve been left behind compared to others as they study and get closer to get hold of their degrees and careers. 

Being a mother is just amazing. True that it takes so much effort on ones part but you know it’s worth more than anything you’ve done or you’ll do ever. 

Hope to hear from all of my readers ; it would be very pleasant. 

~ gulliena ❤️

Life Changing Experiences ❤️

Hi, this is gulliena here. So today’s post is about life changing experiences. Have you ever gone through something that completely changed you or the way you used to feel about the world around you? Some people might feel that this can only happen in the movies or in the books that we read but no, this happens in real life as well. For Sure! Because I have witnessed it! 

So let us share our part of the story, what was that something major, that happened and changed our life entirely. Something that happened and changed the sole basis of my existence? Now that I wakeup each morning, I have one more reason to live for. So, your experience or event of life might not be that big or life altering but trust me, mine is. So write off about your experience in the comments below and in my next post I’ll inform you of mine. 

P.S  Feel free to write about anything.

~gulliena ❤

Loving WP Community! 

Wow. Its my 3rd day actually using WordPress and I am actually completely in Love with it! Reading is absolutely my favourite thing and there are very few people around me who share the kind of passion I have for reading. While, here on wordpress I feel so connected to these people, who share my feelings when it comes to reading and writing. 

For quite a long period, I have felt as if I’m crazy to even think about writing an accomplished book or something because from where I stand, nobody feels this love that I have for books. For me, Everything book related grabs my attention. Be it, book quotes, bookstores, liabraries, book-nooks, book lamps, bookmarks, book stands, all sorts of reading stuff, articles of all kinds etc etc. They somehow have such a cosy nice feeling to them that I find it hard to turn my back on it. But here, I find so many people are with me. Who have hopes of someday writing what they want and it being good enough to be presented forward. 
Do you feel this way? Have you ever felt lost when you didn’t find people who understood you ? Have you ever wanted to do something so much but couldn’t get enough support for it ? Because of which you began to doubt it yourself ( if you’re headed in the right direction or not )? 

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