Hi, For the first time ever!Β 

I so so wanted to do this, to share my writing and what goes in my head with, talk to a forum, let my opinions be known and also listen to what others have to say. Write to my heart’s content and have people to share it with but not just any people. I want those people who share the same thoughts, who carry the same love and passion for writing, reading πŸ“– and so on. The people that I can call come from my side of the world. Where we are active beings and whose writing can make a difference in a good way. Where we understand each others Art. 

PS : This blog is solely for entertainment purpose only. Stay Blessed All. 
~ gulliena ❀️ 


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Can You Tell If?Β 

Hi Peeps! Its me again. 

So many days have passed by.. all in a blurr. I am really upset these days and that is what has been keeping me away from writing. I miss my parents alot as I live in my in-laws. I’m hurt by the people around me and their behaviour. They’ve hurt my ego and destroyed my self-respect. I’ve never been in these kind of situations ever in my past, when I was my mama papa’s little girl. I wanna achieve what most people around me think I’m not capable of. And mostly, I want to come up to their expectations. 

There is one thing I want to be sure about. Is this right? How our surroundings and our society lets the in-laws take over the girl they have brought home after marriage. How they make men the most dominant ones. How obvious it is for the girl to let go of things and bits of herself when she is denied love, respect, equality like one of them. The society around me is like plastic being wrapped around me willing to suffocate and kill. With this much people finding it absolutely fine and normal, I can’t object. Even if I do, they wouldn’t be able to hear or help. So the easiest way out is to breakapart pieces of yourself as is expected out of you and make them happy. πŸ’”

PS It’s Ramadan Kareem! Almost at an end since its the 22nd Roza here. 

Hearts πŸ’” Break !Β 


Its is said that words once spoken can never be taken back. Without doubt, it stands true. 

You want proof ? This is because like in many religions, once you say something you cant take it back until you do something to undo it or pay for it. In urdu known as kaffara. 

Saying rude things and then apologising for what you said ? Its as hard to forgive and forget and can never be undone from one’s memory. 

So avoid that please. People’s life get ruined at times. 

To all who read : Do leave your comments, I love reading them. And also share what you have to say about this. 

#dogood #begood #bringgoodtothisworld 

Do what little you can, to bring this world some good. 🌎

~gulliena ❀️

Weight Shedding! (Oh I Wish) πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Hi all! gulliena here! 

Have you ever heard of load shedding, it happens in not-so-developed countries a lot of times (in some cases). But have you ever heard of weight shedding, oh if we only knew the secrets to that. 

So today’s post is about losing weight/inches. I really really need advice from you all. Wouldn’t you be kind enough to give it? 


Can you guys tell me some tricks or some tips on how to lose fat, weight and a few inches? Because I really need to! If you’ve read my previous post, you might know that I just gave birth to my baby boy. So ok, not JUST now that he’s three months now MashaAllah! But please if you guys would help me by telling me some diet or exercise or anything to lose a few pounds. If in the past, something that helped you or someone you know who lost weight through something, please be nice enough to share and care. πŸ˜„ 

You know with a baby, its a bit difficult to take out the time and energy for myself but I’ll try, who knows what might work for me.  

Thankyou to all who follow me and please do comment and give tips and help me do myself and others who read some good. As you know there is a huge number of people out there obese and overweight, which brings in a lot of harm. 

Lots Of Love, 

~gulliena πŸ’•

Stop that! πŸ—£

Hi to all the people living on this this planet! It’s gulliena here. Today’s post is about saying mean and abusive things which you didn’t mean actually but you did say so and so, to so and so person which you’ve highly regret or in some cases, not even cared about. There is a special reason for me to write this. You know, these days there is a trend that has been going on and about, that people use a lot of bad, mean, abusive and nasty words or phrases in their normal routine life and the worst part is not acknowledging it. It’s so much a trend these days in the young and the middle-aged that its hardly brought attention to until they use it in front of people and situations where it matters (like formally). In the youth, its actually thought of as a really cool thing to have known the meaning or to have that word in your vocabulary keeping in point that actually those words are abusive,  slang and are really bad things to say. It’s a matter of last four to five years at most that this had been going and nobody has found it of significance and it is not being talked about. An example of such a word that is so popular and on most people’s tongue is today’s youth is the F word, needless to say, they are not ashamed of it rather they use it for every other thing. 

This should be stopped! OR rather This needs to be stopped! So take care on your own as much as you can. Look around you, if there are people who you know use such language and if they would gladly like to correct themselves and do this world a little good, then do tell them. Let’s do this world a little good in our own little ways whenever we can. 

Do tell me what you think of this post. Be sure to comment or like so I know how many of you think in agreement to this. I would love love love to hear from and about you all. I know i have very few readers or followers but then again, hoping to get more. 


~ gulliena ❀ 

Write To Your Heart’s Content β€οΈβœπŸ»

Hiya! Its gulliena here. How are you all? And trust me, I’ve missed interacting with you people so much these past days but as you know I’ve been busy being a mommy to a tiny little boy who’s now snoring peacefully, looking quite a sight as I write to you. So couldn’t get the time to post anytime earlier. 

So today’s post is about benefiting others in a way I think would help (i hope) many of you because it certainly does help me. What do you need to write and get motivated to come up with better and better stuff? For most people what they need to get started is.. ? For instance if I talk about myself, I’ve been wanting to write something for years! Be it a blog, a newspaper article or a book-novel sort of thing. But what really got me to do it was? A pretty pen and a fresh, very neat and tidy, good-looking notebook. And what made me start blogging was? A too-good keyboard cover attached to my iPad. You know, when studying for exams students need that kind of environment that motivates them towards studying? In the same way, to write, you want that kind of environment and that sort of frame of mind that you really want to write. There should be willingness, lots and lots of it and then you need something that drives you to write. That something could be different for you, maybe? Because no two persons are the same? The same way Edmund Wilson said ‘no two persons ever read the same book.’ I have always had a thing for books and stationery so when I see a notebook that is blank and has a pretty cover and nice smooth pages, my fingers Itch to write in it. So look around and observe, what are the things that work for you and make sure to start it when you are willing and in the that state of mind. 

So friends, that’s not it! There is more to this post other than finding what there is that allows your creativity to get loose and get your fingers scribbling the words that flow from within you. In my opinion, there is one more thing that can play an essential part in getting you to do what you want. If you guys are like me, then most of you have been holding up the idea that you can write or allow yourself to know that there can be more to your love of books than just reading them, you can actually allow yourself to know that you are capable of writing and to its possibility. Luck plays an integral part in getting accomplished and there can be more factors involved, but you’ve got to atleast try and get yourself going and let yourself know what you can do! And for that kind of motivation, we need to hear or read that kind of words. So here comes some of those quotes that might get your brain pumping and give you a head start or atleast get you closer to it. 
1. “You don’t write because you want to say something.. you write because you have something to say” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
2. “There is NO greater agony than bearing an UNTOLD story INSIDE you” ~ Maya Angelou. 
3. “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story” ~ Terry Prachett. 
4. “Look into your heart and write” ~ Anonymous. 
5. “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad” ~ Lord Byron. 




And here comes my favourite one.. 

10. “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” ~ Beaverly Cleary.  

Would love to hear from all of you who read this or who just pass by. Be it tips, comments or your thoughts or anything. Thankyou. 

~ gulliena ❀

Left Behind πŸ’”

Hi everyone, gulliena here. You wouldn’t believe if I said that I just got the time to open wordpress and talk to you guys and catch up! 

Yes, so back to what I told you that my life has changed or what basically has changed my life so much from the way it was. That Life Changing Experience that we were talking about from my perspective is that I have become a Mommy to a little boy ! (25.2.2017) It is so wonderful to have one little baby in your arms and know that it came out of you and is a part of you and no matter how the world sees you or misunderstands you or hurts you, you know that now you’re not alone, there is someone who would stand for you and there is this undying hope. Mostly it is that I feel that that kind of thing is no more of importance, I feel mature, stable and good in my own skin wherever and however I am and feel that I dont care about the world and its stupidity anymore. 

More than that, I’ve never been this proud of myself until when I delivered my baby naturally. That feeling of being capable and being able to accomplish something so huge. It just erased all my doubts about me not being able to do what better things others could and that some how I stopped feeling that I’ve been left behind compared to others as they study and get closer to get hold of their degrees and careers. 

Being a mother is just amazing. True that it takes so much effort on ones part but you know it’s worth more than anything you’ve done or you’ll do ever. 

Hope to hear from all of my readers ; it would be very pleasant. 

~ gulliena ❀️

Life Changing Experiences β€οΈ

Hi, this is gulliena here. So today’s post is about life changing experiences. Have you ever gone through something that completely changed you or the way you used to feel about the world around you? Some people might feel that this can only happen in the movies or in the books that we read but no, this happens in real life as well. For Sure! Because I have witnessed it! 

So let us share our part of the story, what was that something major, that happened and changed our life entirely. Something that happened and changed the sole basis of my existence? Now that I wakeup each morning, I have one more reason to live for. So, your experience or event of life might not be that big or life altering but trust me, mine is. So write off about your experience in the comments below and in my next post I’ll inform you of mine. 

P.S  Feel free to write about anything.

~gulliena ❀

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