Hi, For the first time ever! 

I so so wanted to do this, to share my writing and what goes in my head with, talk to a forum, let my opinions be known and also listen to what others have to say. Write to my heart’s content and have people to share it with but not just any people. I want those people who share the same thoughts, who carry the same love and passion for writing, reading 📖 and so on. The people that I can call come from my side of the world. Where we are active beings and whose writing can make a difference in a good way. Where we understand each others Art. 

PS : This blog is solely for entertainment purpose only. Stay Blessed All. 
~ gulliena ❤️ 


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Tug-of-war 💔

It’s amazing how our feelings change within minutes. Normally I simply love my individualist husband, because truely when you are bound by marriage, loves come naturally. But last night i was fuming with rage because of his behavior the previous night but he was asleep and I never speak out loud to anybody, ever. But at that moment, I had a thought, that in such a circumstance it would be hard to believe for me to have any love related feelings for him. 

Does that happen with you? Do you ever feel this tug-of-war going on inside you with your loved ones? 

Makeup fever 🤒 

God! I never thought of myself as a makeup addict or someone who would be so crazy about makeup to be the one to continuously look at it online and all. 

But these days, I’m doing just that. *sigh* 

I can’t get it out of my head and it’s been quite a long enough time that I am looking into buying some makeup brushes and a good quality highlighter. 

Do I need a degree to write? 

You know how it is one of my dreams to become a published writer someday and a successful one at that? 

So what is it? Do I need to get some qualification for writing? Do I need to get a degree or become an English major? 

I don’t know? Can anyone help ? 
Please comment and feel free to share what you think. 

What would you love doing? ❤️

If you were able to do one thing from your past, that you used to do as a child or in your youth if you are older or from any part in your life, any part that you’d love re-doing or re-live a moment. What would that be? ❤️😍❤️ 

Please you’re requested to comment and let that memory play in your mind and let it be  in the comments there for the love of blogging for us to read! It’d be just so kind even if you were just a random visitor. Thankyou so much. Looking forward to what you share. 

PS I am 20 years of age almost!! This 23 sept ’17 I’m turning 20! 

Can You Relate? </3

Well, this isn’t about boys or breakups? But it’s about real stuff.. something that we label as ‘life’ and try to ignore it as time passes by and we get busy again in the hustle and bustle of it all. It’s just that I want to know how many of you share the same boat with me. 

Like, these past days, my childhood best friend/cousin has come from Dubai. It’s been ten years almost that she shifted permanently there. *sigh*. So back when she used to live here, we used to love each other to bits and we used to share everything. Everything as in; from clothing, books, weekends at each other’s place to each and every bit of knowledge about whatever that happened when the other was not there. It was wonderful and we were inseparable. We would prefer each other’s company anytime and we’d make it worth by doing crazy things that adults are not meant to know. Then, due to some tragedy, my aunt’s family had to move and there was no choice but to say goodbye but then we could talk on Skype or social media sites. 

But after she left, i was left where i was, she held the same place for me, that for me, nobody could replace. But, she moved on. And now that she’s here to spend the eid holidays, she wont even text me once or miss me. While i wait eagerly for a time to have a get together like the older days. That day when we could have one, we were both free, she cancelled saying ‘but it wont be fun with just the two of us’. It hurt me like anything and from that day i am trying to let it go, let it be. But i find it hard to move on this way. I miss the old times like anything!! </3. 

Turkey 🦃 Or Turkey 🇹🇷? 

Turkey definitely is one of the best places to go to around the globe. It connects Europe and Asia and surely is the coolest place around. 

First of all you get the visa. It’s not as hard to get the visa like it is for Canada. Next, which ever landsape you like, its there. Mountains, lakes, island, coastal areas, sea and it has all. You want shopping? It has huge and beautiful malls. All brands available; high end or normal ones. It has lovely bookstores and maps to give you ways to get to your destination. It is a holidays spot in summer due to all the resorts, beaches and sun etc. And is surely a place to be in winter with beautiful scenery. It is so much like Europe and its Muslim’s territory all round with beautiful mosques everywhere and It also has churches but not as much. It’s little Europe with halal food there whenever you want it. You cannot forget the generosity of the people there. Their outrageously friendly nature and they go out of their way to help you. Even the taxi drivers or the local shop owners give a discount for no reason calling it hadyah. The famous Turkish Tea or Coffee is offered every now and then and it’s amazing believe me although I had it after adding alot of milk to it but it was at its best. How can one forget the accent in which the people speak and they try so hard to make you understand what they want to say as most did not know much English. But they love to talk to the foreigners and they are so nice, they show you love and they’ll put the stone of protection from evil eye to your baby’s stroller and its so touching. My baby got so much love from every other person there. It was heartfelt. ❤️ 

Also, they love their country and are proud. Its a fact, you can see it everywhere; the flags, in the speach of the locals when they say something about their country. Its true and it’s there in their blood, hot and rushing in their veins and the previous year it was prooved and seen on the television, out for the world to see. How they protected themselves from getting over ruled and how they played their parts and roles as citizens and how loyal they were to their leader and vice versa. 🇹🇷❤️

The local markets or the bazars like they call it, are not to be missed out. Your hands will itch to buy the beauties you’re going to find there walking down the paved aisles packed with stores that can provide you with things of all kind. From prayer mats to towels and bathrobes, from souvenirs to gemstones and silver jewellery, from getting photographed in ridiculously rich expensive gowns from the time of sultans, from finding dry fruits to spices of all kinds. It’s amazing to just hang around there going from one shop to another, getting the insight of the Turkey, its people and its rich culture. 🇹🇷❤️

Returning to Blog

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted. I really wanted to return but life was not being nice so I just let myself self deal with it quietly and in a way that suited me. I faced worse things than you could think of.  

But then all of a sudden God gifted me with something I secretly craved. A trip to turkey with my husband and baby. With the baby being only 6 months (almost) and a short tempered hubby. It was not the perfect trip but it was definitely the best time I have had so far this year excluding the time of the birth of my baby. 

I realise now how how how much fun the trip was, even more now, that it’s over and we’re back home. It was only a nine days trip; from Thursday 3rd august 2017 to Saturday morning (4 am) 12th august 2017. 

PS I really really miss being there. 💔🇹🇷

Can You Tell If? 

Hi Peeps! Its me again. 

So many days have passed by.. all in a blurr. I am really upset these days and that is what has been keeping me away from writing. I miss my parents alot as I live in my in-laws. I’m hurt by the people around me and their behaviour. They’ve hurt my ego and destroyed my self-respect. I’ve never been in these kind of situations ever in my past, when I was my mama papa’s little girl. I wanna achieve what most people around me think I’m not capable of. And mostly, I want to come up to their expectations. 

There is one thing I want to be sure about. Is this right? How our surroundings and our society lets the in-laws take over the girl they have brought home after marriage. How they make men the most dominant ones. How obvious it is for the girl to let go of things and bits of herself when she is denied love, respect, equality like one of them. The society around me is like plastic being wrapped around me willing to suffocate and kill. With this much people finding it absolutely fine and normal, I can’t object. Even if I do, they wouldn’t be able to hear or help. So the easiest way out is to breakapart pieces of yourself as is expected out of you and make them happy. 💔

PS It’s Ramadan Kareem! Almost at an end since its the 22nd Roza here. 

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