Loving WP Community! 

Wow. Its my 3rd day actually using WordPress and I am actually completely in Love with it! Reading is absolutely my favourite thing and there are very few people around me who share the kind of passion I have for reading. While, here on wordpress I feel so connected to these people, who share my feelings when it comes to reading and writing. 

For quite a long period, I have felt as if I’m crazy to even think about writing an accomplished book or something because from where I stand, nobody feels this love that I have for books. For me, Everything book related grabs my attention. Be it, book quotes, bookstores, liabraries, book-nooks, book lamps, bookmarks, book stands, all sorts of reading stuff, articles of all kinds etc etc. They somehow have such a cosy nice feeling to them that I find it hard to turn my back on it. But here, I find so many people are with me. Who have hopes of someday writing what they want and it being good enough to be presented forward. 
Do you feel this way? Have you ever felt lost when you didn’t find people who understood you ? Have you ever wanted to do something so much but couldn’t get enough support for it ? Because of which you began to doubt it yourself ( if you’re headed in the right direction or not )? 


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