Life Changing Experiences ❤️

Hi, this is gulliena here. So today’s post is about life changing experiences. Have you ever gone through something that completely changed you or the way you used to feel about the world around you? Some people might feel that this can only happen in the movies or in the books that we read but no, this happens in real life as well. For Sure! Because I have witnessed it! 

So let us share our part of the story, what was that something major, that happened and changed our life entirely. Something that happened and changed the sole basis of my existence? Now that I wakeup each morning, I have one more reason to live for. So, your experience or event of life might not be that big or life altering but trust me, mine is. So write off about your experience in the comments below and in my next post I’ll inform you of mine. 

P.S  Feel free to write about anything.

~gulliena ❤


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