Stop that! πŸ—£

Hi to all the people living on this this planet! It’s gulliena here. Today’s post is about saying mean and abusive things which you didn’t mean actually but you did say so and so, to so and so person which you’ve highly regret or in some cases, not even cared about. There is a special reason for me to write this. You know, these days there is a trend that has been going on and about, that people use a lot of bad, mean, abusive and nasty words or phrases in their normal routine life and the worst part is not acknowledging it. It’s so much a trend these days in the young and the middle-aged that its hardly brought attention to until they use it in front of people and situations where it matters (like formally). In the youth, its actually thought of as a really cool thing to have known the meaning or to have that word in your vocabulary keeping in point that actually those words are abusive,  slang and are really bad things to say. It’s a matter of last four to five years at most that this had been going and nobody has found it of significance and it is not being talked about. An example of such a word that is so popular and on most people’s tongue is today’s youth is the F word, needless to say, they are not ashamed of it rather they use it for every other thing. 

This should be stopped! OR rather This needs to be stopped! So take care on your own as much as you can. Look around you, if there are people who you know use such language and if they would gladly like to correct themselves and do this world a little good, then do tell them. Let’s do this world a little good in our own little ways whenever we can. 

Do tell me what you think of this post. Be sure to comment or like so I know how many of you think in agreement to this. I would love love love to hear from and about you all. I know i have very few readers or followers but then again, hoping to get more. 


~ gulliena ❀ 


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