Hearts πŸ’” Break !Β 


Its is said that words once spoken can never be taken back. Without doubt, it stands true. 

You want proof ? This is because like in many religions, once you say something you cant take it back until you do something to undo it or pay for it. In urdu known as kaffara. 

Saying rude things and then apologising for what you said ? Its as hard to forgive and forget and can never be undone from one’s memory. 

So avoid that please. People’s life get ruined at times. 

To all who read : Do leave your comments, I love reading them. And also share what you have to say about this. 

#dogood #begood #bringgoodtothisworld 

Do what little you can, to bring this world some good. 🌎

~gulliena ❀️


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