Can You Tell If? 

Hi Peeps! Its me again. 

So many days have passed by.. all in a blurr. I am really upset these days and that is what has been keeping me away from writing. I miss my parents alot as I live in my in-laws. I’m hurt by the people around me and their behaviour. They’ve hurt my ego and destroyed my self-respect. I’ve never been in these kind of situations ever in my past, when I was my mama papa’s little girl. I wanna achieve what most people around me think I’m not capable of. And mostly, I want to come up to their expectations. 

There is one thing I want to be sure about. Is this right? How our surroundings and our society lets the in-laws take over the girl they have brought home after marriage. How they make men the most dominant ones. How obvious it is for the girl to let go of things and bits of herself when she is denied love, respect, equality like one of them. The society around me is like plastic being wrapped around me willing to suffocate and kill. With this much people finding it absolutely fine and normal, I can’t object. Even if I do, they wouldn’t be able to hear or help. So the easiest way out is to breakapart pieces of yourself as is expected out of you and make them happy. 💔

PS It’s Ramadan Kareem! Almost at an end since its the 22nd Roza here. 


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